CALSTART launches with 40 member companies and organizations.
CALSTART officially opens Burbank facility
CALSTART secures first $4M grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) with support from Congressman Howard Berman and Norman Minetta;
California matches with $2M grant
Showcase Electric Vehicle unveiled


Project Hatchery “business incubator” opens in Burbank
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) created
22-foot electric bus prototype rolled out in Santa Barbara, CA
Amerigon rolls out common light-weight “running chassis” to reduce electric vehicle production costs
CALSTART helps create Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology (E/HEV) program in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and secures $4M for projects


CALSTART opens Northern California office in Alameda, CA
Nation’s first electric school bus enters service in Goleta, CA
Hybrid electric military buses enter service at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
Over 160 EV charging and 80 natural gas refueling sites are in place in California



CALSTART web site launches

CleanCarMaps refueling and recharging station web site launches
35-foot advanced electric transit bus rolls out in Ventura, California
San Francisco station car project begins operation – BART riders using PIVCO EVs
President Clinton announces grant to open CALSTART business incubator at Alameda in San Francisco Bay area
CALSTART secures funding for Gillig Corporation, to develop and test a hybrid electric bus
Over 400 EV charging and 150 natural gas refueling sites in place in California


Project Hatchery Alameda “business incubator” opens
Long Ranger NGV Chassis unveiled, drives across country
Over 50 projects worth more than $80M created
AC Propulsion demonstrates trailer APU that converts an electric car into a hybrid; drives it across country
US Secretary of Defense William Cohen attends defense conversion briefing at CALSTART business incubator in Alameda
Capstone Turbine demonstrates nation’s first turbine hybrid electric van
First Blue Sky Award presented to General Motors for EV1


CALSTART moves headquarters to Pasadena
Los Angeles International Airport Clean Transportation Project launches
EV/NGV Cooperative launches to help fleets purchase clean light duty vehicles
CALSTART and national partners convince Congress to fund final year of DARPA E/HEV program – total of $98 million in federal funds raised over 5-year period


CALSTART Camarillo office opens
DARPA funds Capstone Turbine to integrate a microturbine into a gasoline hybrid electric shuttle bus
AC Transit begins operation of nation’s first 40’ propane hybrid electric bus
CyberTran demonstrates feasibility of off-line station concept
CALSTART completes analysis, Seaport Liquid Natural Gas Study, assessing potential of LNG as a fuel to reduce emissions at the Ports of Los Angeles and Oakland


CALSTART Denver office opens
CALSTART launches WestStart as its operating name outside California    
First Class 8 hybrid truck demonstrated
First Blue Sky Innovation Award to California Fuel Cell Partnership


CALSTART writes and publishes Passenger Ferries, Air Quality, and Greenhouse Gases
CALSTART holds First International Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Design Competition at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena
Blue Sky Innovation Award renamed the Charles R. Imbrecht Blue Sky Innovation Award in honor of the former California Energy Commission Chairman


CALSTART launches Clean Mobility program to promote transit-related mobility
CALSTART launches Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Program with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to advance US BRT systems and vehicles
Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) launches with US Army National Automotive Center (NAC) to speed commercialization of hybrid technologies in trucks and buses
First fuel cell Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) deployed and tested in a Freightliner Class 8 truck
First Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Conference held in Chandler, AZ


CALSTART opens Clean Mobility Center – City Wheels - at Bikestation Long Beach
First gasoline-electric hybrid transit bus unveiled in Long Beach, California
First fuel cell bus in California revenue service rolls out at SunLine Transit
Clean Mobility Center wins South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Air Award
Federal Transit Administration funds Flexcar to test hybrid electric cars in car sharing program
CALSTART holds first HTUF national meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana


CALSTART celebrates its tenth anniversary, is recognized by US Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta for its actions
US Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) attends CALSTART’s grand opening of  Bikestation Seattle
CALSTART leads congressional delegation to study success of BRT systems in Europe
California-Sweden Biogas Initiative effort begins with Business Region Göteborg
CALSTART serves as Executive Secretariat for the Federal Transit Administration on BRT vehicle and system information worldwide
CALSTART writes and publishes Heavy Duty Vehicles 2003


CALSTART leads California delegation to study biomethane production and use as a transportation fuel in Sweden
HTUF selects International and Eaton as supplier team for national utility hybrid truck pilot project
ISE establishes fuel cell vehicle operations centers at AC Transit and SunLine Transit
CALSTART leads congressional delegation to study fuel cell bus industry in Europe
CALSTART writes and publishes California Clean Vehicle Industry
Every major North American bus manufacturer is producing hybrid electric buses – an important outcome of DARPA E/HEV program
CALSTART holds Alaska Clean Energy Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska
CALSTART holds first 2020 Conference in Pasadena, CA to address transportation energy security


CALSTART purchases and moves into new headquarters at 48 So. Chester Ave., Pasadena
CALSTART creates the California Secure Transportation Energy Partnership (CalSTEP) to forge a consensus plan for California’s transportation energy future
CALSTART, with industry leaders, forms the National Fuel Cell Bus Technology Initiative (NFCBTI)
Congress approves $49 million in funding for National Fuel Cell Bus Technology Development Program as a component of the Transportation Equity Act of 2005
Congresswoman Mary Bono secures funding for joint hydrogen bus program with CALSTART and SunLine Transit
CALSTART forms and facilitates the Hydrogen Task Force for the Federal Transit Administration
Federal Transit Administration tasks CALSTART to manage and report on BRT Action Plan and to pursue and implement strategies
CALSTART writes and publishes the BRT Ridership and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
CALSTART’s Technical Advisory Committee holds its 50th meeting and reviews its 250th technology


CALSTART facilitates Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between California and Sweden to jointly pursue bioenergy
CALSTART National Fuel Cell Bus Program launches with $12 million in FTA-funded projects
CALSTART writes and publishes A Strategic Pathway to Hydrogen Fueled Powertrains for Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Vehicles
CalSTEP issues initial four action recommendations
24-pre-production hybrid utility trucks deployed in HTUF national pilot project
Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Symposium held in San Diego, CA


CALSTART receives US Department of Energy (DOE) funding to build E85 station network in California
CALSTART hosts Swedish biomethane industry representatives to help kick start the production of biomethane from biogas in California
CALSTART launches five fuel cell bus projects as part of National Fuel Cell Bus Technology Program
CALSTART releases CalSTEP Action Plan in Sacramento with 10 key industry-supported actions for petroleum and carbon reduction
Two major CalSTEP Action Plan recommendations signed into law: – AB 118 (Núñez) provides $200 million per year to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas and criteria emissions; and AB 236 (Lieu) which sets state agency petroleum reduction goals
CALSTART launches MyGo-Pasadena Program - electric bike-transit connection demonstration
CALSTART receives FTA and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) funding for development of nation’s first hydraulic hybrid transit bus
First commercial medium-duty hybrid trucks enter production


CALSTART celebrates its 15th anniversary
Electric Drive Strategic Plan program undertaken with FTA
Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance – another CalSTEP Action Plan recommendation – adopted
HTUF selects vendors for hybrid refuse and hybrid delivery truck projects
CALSTART partners with California Fuel Cell Partnership to accelerate the state’s hydrogen infrastructure
CALSTART partners with CH2M Hill to help Port of Los Angeles develop and implement strategies to lower its emissions
Over 10 E85 stations funded under CALSTART US Department of Energy grant open in California


CALSTART holds first Target 2030:  Solutions for California’s Transportation Energy and Climate Change Conference in Sacramento, California