CALSTART Launches New Global Truck and Bus Program at Global Climate Action Summit Workshop

CALSTART has launched the Global Commercial Vehicle Drive toZero (D2Z) Program.  This exciting new initiative targets the firstsuccess applications for zero and near zero emissions heavy-duty vehicles –known as “beachhead” markets – and will work with global cities, governments,manufacturers and fleets to help grow them via supporting tools like policiesand incentives. Drive to Zero builds on the beachhead heavy-duty investmentstrategy developed for the California Air Resources Board, one of the firstsupporters of D2Z.  With its partners D2Z plans to help create a globalnetwork of collaborative action to build vehicle volumes in targeted regions ofNorth America, Western Europe, Asia and India.

Read the news release and see who has signed the “pledge” to work together.
See the pledge – we encourage you to sign on! 

The talented CALSTART team in front of its headquarters building in Pasadena, CA 

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Take a look at our quarter-century of clean transportation industry advancement—and learn about how we do even more together over the next decade.

Congressman Ken Calvert, of the 42nd congressional district, congratulates CALSTART on their 25th Anniversary.


CALSTART's 160+ member companies
represent all regions of the country. Diverse stakeholders work together to accelerate the market for clean transportation technologies and fuels, and to secure our energy future. 

“If you don’t know about CALSTART you really should. It’s a great organization that is really making a difference in terms of cleaning up the transportation sector and helping create jobs.”
--California State Senator Fran Pavley

From Sacramento to Washington, DC, we work with members to shape industry relevant policy and funding conversations. Are you interested in finding out more about CALSTART's member services? Call us today 626/744-5600 or check out the simple online application form.

CALSTART has released a white paper that geo-maps the dynamic high-efficiency technology supplier base ready to support heavy-duty trucks and buses. Based on an initial survey, this industry is nationwide in scope and offers a competitive advantage to American business and high quality jobs.


CALSTART's 2018 Annual Symposium

November 6th, 2018 at the Pasadena Convention Center

-       Premier clean transportation symposium focused on building clean transportation technology markets across America and globally.

-       250 attendees from throughout North America provide unmatched networking, leading global speakers, and an opportunity to get up-close with today's most innovative clean transportation technologies.

-       Showcasing CALSTART and its 185 member companies collaborating with the public and private sectors to bridge where vehicle technology is today and where it will go in the future.


CALSTART at Energy Storage North America

November 7th, 8th at the Pasadena Convention Center

-       CALSTART is co-locating at the Energy Storage North America (ESNA) Expo as a program collaborator for their Mobility Track and as a partner in bringing clean transportation technologies to the Expo.

-       Focus on storage application throughout the grid and companion applications tied to transportation and mobility.

-       HVIP Pavilion, featuring HVIP eligible vehicle display, an HVIP information booth, complimentary Expo fleet manager registration, and an HVIP 101 session on the Expo Learning Stage.

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For twenty-five years CALSTART has worked collaboratively to create a sustainable transportation future. Join us at our annual gathering of national policymakers and industry leaders targeting solutions and actions to stimulate thinking toward a 2030 vision for a clean transportation economy.

November 6th, 2018 at the Pasadena Convention Center