CALSTART’s Car Initiative focuses on cutting emissions and pollution while working with its industry partners to accelerate the growth of the market for zero emission vehicles and significantly greater vehicle efficiency over all. Concurrently, we are actively engaging partners and working to develop new mobility business models that will reduce congestion.

To drive change, the Cars Initiatives currently focuses on the following four areas:

  • Securing incentives at the federal and state level to encourage the purchase of zero-emission vehicles.
  • Building out zero emission infrastructure so that consumers and fleets can drive with security.
  • Supporting strong, but feasible vehicle standards that advance technology but also keep vehicles affordable and viable.
  • Identifying and supporting new mobility initiatives that can reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle miles traveled in urban and suburban areas.



CALSTART is working with automakers and suppliers to accelerate growth of the market for zero-emission cars, as well as working to improve the efficiency of advanced internal combustion engine vehicles. Examples include:

  • Increasing electric vehicle sales by championing programs that help employers install charging stations at work. Learn more about CALSTART’s workplace charging program in New York City and it’s surrounding suburbs by visiting and it’s program in Pasadena, CA, by visiting
  • Playing a key role in developing the nation’s first rural-county solar-powered charging network for electric vehicles.
  • Developing and securing funding for the “Bolt to College” program – an innovative effort enabling low-income college students to get to college via a ridesharing program that uses only Chevy Bolts.
  • Working with industry and policy makers on future capabilities at the confluence of electric vehicles, ride sharing and self-driving vehicles.

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Public policy decisions can accelerate the deployment of clean transportation technology — or slam on the break. CALSTART supports feasible policies that advance technology but also keep vehicles affordable and viable. Examples include:

  • Working with members nationally to support strong but viable federal standards limiting greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light-duty trucks.
  • Conducting surveys of Tier 1 suppliers in the United States, identifying strong support for the current federal light-duty vehicle standards and great interest in establishing new ones for the post 2025 period; strengthening the market for more efficient internal-combustion-powered passenger vehicles and helping grow the market for zero-emission cars.
  • Playing a leading role in developing and maintaining financial incentives for consumers to purchase zero emission vehicles in California
  • Organizing national industry support to help maintain the federal electric vehicle tax credit.

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For information on how to become a member, please contact Director of Member Services Kimberly Taylor at 626-622-6229 or

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