CALSTART and its partners welcomes your participation in this DOE-funded project as we collect and analyze data from a diverse set of electric vehicles across different applications, geographies, terrains, and climatic conditions. Here is how you can join this program. Click here for more details.

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Speak with someone at CALSTART about this program.

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Step 2

View and download the Data Agreement.

In order to participate in this project, you must sign a data agreement with CALSTART. Here you can preview and download a copy so you know what to expect.

Fleet Management will provide to the Customer: a vehicle, a single key, and a fuel card. In an effort to standardize the FM fleet, some vehicle makes, models, body types, and options may be required by FM. The monthly lease amount may fluctuate from year to year dependent on operating cost changes. The lease amount will cover the cost of the vehicle as well as the preventative maintenance. Normal wear items such as tires, wiper blades, and brakes and rotors are also included in the lease amount, if the components of the vehicle are worn by normal daily use. The replacement or repair of defective parts which are determined to be no fault of the department are covered, as well. All up fitting or after-market additions that are made to the vehicle after the vehicle was purchased must be paid for in full at the time of the up fitting by the Customer. Examples may include an extra key, bed liners, or specialized floor mats. The only exception to this rule would be in regards to retro-fitting an existing vehicle to fulfill a customer need. Costs associated with that vehicle would be decided between the Director of Fleet Management and the Customer. Repairs due to negligence are not included in the preventative maintenance program. The Customer understands that all damage to state owned vehicles must be promptly reported to Risk Management and Fleet Management via Risk Management’s “Driver’s Report of Vehicle Accident” form (see Fiscal Policy FI0135). The costs of damages to leased vehicles while in the care of a leasing department will be charged back to the leasing department unless a police report specifies the damage was not caused by driver error or neglect. As long as, all precautions were taken to protect UT property, in the event a vehicle is damaged due to “Acts of God” or unexpected severe weather, the damages to the vehicle will not be charged back to the department. Examples such as chipped windshields, flood damage, animal impacts, and hail would not, necessarily, be considered negligence by the department. The leasing department agrees to comply with all preventive maintenance requests. The vehicles are monitored by fuel consumption and/or time period to determine when the vehicle requires preventative maintenance servicing. The vehicle must be delivered to FM within 2 weeks of the request unless instructed otherwise by FM staff. If the leased vehicle is continuously based outside of Knoxville and it is not able to be serviced by Fleet Management, an additional service package will be supplied to ensure proper maintenance of the vehicle. This program (TMS) will be utilized for all vehicle maintenance or repairs for this select group of vehicles.

Step 3

Sign up.

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