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A discussion with North American clean transportation technology leaders about how COVID-19 is affecting transit mobility. We will cover microtransit, e-bikes, automated vehicles, and transportation demand strategies, considering:


  1. What innovations in mobility are happening as a result of COVID-19—and what if any long-term changes are going to stick?
  2. What are you seeing around changing travel patterns and what do you expect to see going forward?
  3. What key policy opportunities do you envision?
  4. How can the different transportation modes work together even more closely to support climate and public transportation goals going forward?


Invited speakers:

  • Corinne Ralph, Chief of Transit Programs at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT).
  • Krista Glotzbach, Partnership Lead, Via
  • Ian Kenny, Global Marketing Lead, Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Marie-France Laurin, Chief Development Officer, Netlift
  • Nadia Anderson, Government Relations, Cruise