Farhana Weerasinghe

Project Manager

Farhana Weerasinghe is the Project Manager in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. at CALSTART. She leads and manages cleantech initiatives for the region and engages with stakeholders and communities to advance clean technologies while developing environmental justice with equity. She has 12 years of experience serving communities in various bridging and equitable programs. Sustainability, cleantech, renewable energy, climate justice, equity, and community development are her utmost personal and professional mission. She served in renewable energy and sustainable clean water projects before CALSTART with GRID Alternatives (Central Valley, CA.) and Aqwalife Foundation (global initiatives). In addition, she supported and managed pilot EV incentive programs and PV system projects for single and multi-families for low-income and disadvantaged communities during her service with GRID Alternatives.

Farhana holds an MA from the University of Sheffield (Russell Group, the UK) in Community Development, Regeneration, Identity, and Change and an MBA.