Joey Vollmer

Associate Project Manager

Joey Vollmer’s primary responsibilities include assisting with the administration of the High Efficiency Voucher Incentive Program and Low-NOx Incentives (HVIP), US ARMY-TARDEC’s High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF), and Member Services.

Prior to joining CALSTART, Joey was a Project Manager for an automotive supply consulting group out of Detroit, Michigan, which is his hometown. This experience with autonomous vehicle technology catalyzed a passion for accelerating the deployment of 21st century transportation technologies that led Joey to CALSTART.

Joey has a BA in Political Science and French from the University of Dayton. In addition to his studies, over the course of his collegiate years Joey conducted international energy policy research in Washington DC for the Executive Director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, formally engaged in political organizing, and was often found posing endless hypotheticals to his professors.