HTUF: High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum

The High Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) is a national program based in Michigan that works with the U.S. Army to improve the efficiency of military and commercial trucks. CALSTART connects high-efficiency vehicle technology suppliers with commercial fleets, as well as military planners at the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and military customers such as U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) on projects that develop and demonstrate dual-use technologies in the following areas: vehicle electrification and efficiency, connected and automated vehicle technologies and vehicle cybersecurity.


2020 HTUF Webinar Series
HTUF Webinar Series
Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
Military Truck Action Group

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2020 High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) Webinar Series

CALSTART and our partners at the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) will present a series of 4 monthly webinars that will explore advanced technology issues that highlight the connection between commercial and military vehicles. HTUF continues its role as the process for bringing together stakeholders to identify commercialization barriers and solutions and this webinar series will feature speakers from commercial industry and the military.

In lieu of an HTUF National Meeting this year we are taking advantage of current circumstances to drill down into a few key topics and to let more stakeholders participate through webinars. Each 75-minute webinar will include 2-3 presentations by subject matter experts, a moderated discussion with the presenters, and plenty of time for audience questions and answers. Here is the webinar schedule:

Webinar 1 – Thursday June 18, 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am Pacific): HTUF Program Overview

This session will include an overview of the HTUF program including a detailed description of the 2020 program elements, a discussion about the future direction of the program and stakeholder needs, and information about commercial industry developments that relate to military vehicle advancements. Presentations by participants from CALSTART, GVSC, and our commercial industry partners.



Webinar 2 – Thursday July 23, 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am Pacific): Vehicle Electrification: Lessons from commercial industry and the military

This session will explore the trends in commercial vehicle electrification, the barriers to greater electrification and where commercial industry and the military can collaborate. This will also include an introduction to CALSTART’s Global Drive to Zero program and the toolbox that was developed under its direction. Presentations by participants from CALSTART, GVSC’s Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility team, and select industry representatives.

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Webinar 3 – Thursday August 20, 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am Pacific): How vehicle electrification contributes to the development of microgrids

This session will illustrate what commercial and military facilities are planning in this area, vehicle requirements, and where stakeholders can collaborate in the future. Participants will include members of HTUF’s Microgrid/Export Power Working Group, a military-commercial collaboration.

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Webinar 4 – Thursday September 17, 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am Pacific): The critical role of cybersecurity in advanced commercial and military vehicle development

Increased vehicle electrification and automation are revealing new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We will investigate where the industry stands today, what are areas of potential collaboration, and what additional research is needed. This session Includes presentations and a panel discussion with representatives from GVSC’s Ground Systems Cyber Engineering Team, IQM Research Institute, and other industry developers.

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Details on each session will be released at least 2 weeks in advance of its date. If you have comments on the topics or suggestions for speakers please contact Steve Sokolsky at (626) 744-5604 or

HTUF’s Webinar Series

Check back here for the recordings of the 2020 HTUF webinar series

Transitioning SuperTruck Tech to Commercial, Military Apps

This webinar covered the commercialization status of a number of highly-relevant military-focused technologies from the US Department of Energy’s SuperTruck program as they relate to heavy-duty vehicle platforms. Over the last five years, SuperTruck teams have worked to develop and integrate advanced technologies from all component systems of the tractor and trailer into one highly-efficient freight-hauling vehicle. Some of their successes have already transitioned to market and are commercially available for fleets and agencies nationwide. Narrowing down the many advancements from SuperTruck and highlighting the most applicable to heavy-duty military platforms, CALSTART Project Engineer Jean-Baptiste Gallo and Associate Project Manager Ted Bloch-Rubin presented this Military Truck Action Group (MTAG) webinar.

Battery Project Updates

The HTUF team offered this free webinar on two critical projects related to the key to vehicle electrification: batteries. At this session, Dr Jasna Tomic presented data results from field testing conducted for the 6T Battery project (military configuration for batteries in commercial vehicle applications). She  also provided a project update for Battery JumpStart Initiative, which is evaluating the life-cycle costs for batteries.