CALSTART works with its member companies and agencies to build a high-tech clean-transportation industry that creates jobs, cuts air pollution and oil imports and curbs climate change. We work with the public and private sectors to knock down barriers to innovation, progress and drive the transportation industry to a clean and prosperous future. CALSTART accelerates the pace of technology and is a market building organization.

CALSTART focuses on five key initiative areas in which to make change happen.

CALSTART is a national nonprofit whose model for change has proven effective, time and again, since it’s founding in 1992. We focus on five key activities to accelerate clean transportation:

  • Demonstration and development of new clean transportation technologies.
  • Assessment and validation, including third-party performance evaluation and business-case analysis of emerging technologies.
  • Market acceleration, including developing and managing innovative programs that speed purchase and adoption of cleaner technologies and fuels.
  • Policy work, centered on increasing opportunities and funding for clean transportation.
  • Member support, which helps our diverse member firms achieve their business and technical goals, and grow the clean transportation sector.