John Boesel

President and CEO

David Chow

Vice President, Chief Operation Officer

Piero Stillitano

Chief Financial Officer

Jasna Tomic

Vice President


Baha Al-Alawi

Lead Project Manager
Market & Industry Analysis

Chrystal Ales

Lead Project Manager, Bus and Innovative Mobility

Orrissa Allen

People Resources Manager – Operations

Summer Allen

Application Services Coordinator

Chris Alvara

Project Manager I – EV Charging Incentives

Heather Anderson

Lead Manager, Philanthropic Gifts and Grants Management

Guadalupe Anguiano

Zero Emission Fleet Advisor

Aidan Anthony

Associate Project Manager

Kelci Arellano

Electric Truck Media Specialist

Mitul Arora

Data Analyst

Elena Babin

Lead Technical Project Manager

Brittni Baker

EV Grant Truck Project Manager

Rachel Baker

Project Manager 3

Brian Ballschmidt

Deputy Director, Bus Technology & Infrastructure

Katrina Bayer

Lead Project Manager, California Bus Transit

Mona Beaudoin

Associate Project Manager

Tom Brotherton

Senior Director

Madeline Brown

Clean Transportation Lead Project Manager

Mac Bruce

Lead Project Manager

Alissa Burger

Policy Director

Carla Contreras Cabrera

Project Manager 2

Ian Cadger

Project Manager 1, EV Infrastructure Incentive Development

Tarah Campi

Deputy Director

Jeff Caperton

Director, Accounting

Chris Chandler

Outreach and Engagement Associate Project Manager

Rachel Chard

Deputy Director

Xiomara Chavez

Lead Project Manager of Light-Duty EV Charger Incentive Administration

Thuan Chi

Project Manager 2

Abigail Clarke

Development Proposal Support Specialist II

Geoffrey Cook

Deputy Director of Light Duty EV

Alise Crippen

Lead Project Manager, Electric School Bus

Nestor Cruz

Project Manager I

Daniela Day

Project Manager I, Global Off-Road Equipment

Margaret De Guzman

Payroll Analyst

Trisha Dello Iacono

Head of Policy

Cristina Dobbelaere

Data Analyst

Juan Espinoza

Project Manager

JJ Fairbanks

Deputy Director, Truck & Off-Road Programs

Ruth Fatolitis

Project Manager II, Northeast Region

Nathan Fernandez

Technical Program Manager 1

Megan Fine

Program Manager 1

Sloane Flashman

Technical Project Manager I

Lauren Fleming

Project Manager, Operations Coordinator

Andrew Fogaros

IT Generalist

Ian Fried

Lead Project Manager, Northeast School Buses

Ricardo Garcia Coyne

Program Manager

Emily Gasca

Electric School Bus Incentives Project Manager

Deborah Gay

Sr. Staff Accountant

Shane Glaseman

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Shubie E.A. Gomez

Project Manager 2

Michelle Good

Project Manager

Jon Gordon

Deputy Director, Green Steel Program

Michael Guerra

Lead Project Manager

Krista Guthrie

Digital Communications Manager

Alyssa Haerle

Director, Infrastructure Incentive Administration

Hannah Hamilton

Lead Project Manager

Michelle Hanson

Program Manager I

Sydney Hayes

Project Manager II, Northeast Region

Mateo Henderson

Lead Project Manager

Cesar Hernandez

Deputy Director

Noah Hernandez

Associate Proposal Support Manager

Mark Hill

Project Manager 2

Sita Holtslag

Europe Director

Mike Hynes

National Transit Bus Program Manager

Genola Johnson

Lead Proposal Manager

Danielle Jones

Lead Project Manager, Contracts & Financial Analysis

Michael Joseph

Program Manager 1

Levi Kamolnick

Federal Policy Director

Jonah Kasdan

Trucks Regulatory Analysis Program Manager

Nour Katabi

Project Manager 2

Nadeem Khattak

Payroll Manager

Solomon Kim

Project Coordinator, CMO Project Operations

Stephanie Kodish

Senior Director, Global Drive to Zero

Jennifer Kritzler

Regional Deputy Director Northeast

Aditya Kushwah

Technical Project Manager I

Sylvia Lai

People Data & Compensation Analyst

Amanda Larsen

Project Manager 1

Tor Larson

Vice President, Trucks & Off-Road

Amanda Le

Lead Project Manager

Annie Lee

Project Manager II – Commercial Vehicle Charging Corridor Development

Chase LeCroy

Deputy Director

Nija Leek


Bryan Lee

Lead Project Manager

Rowana Legito

Project Manager EU, Drive to Zero

Kaila Lemons

EV Project Specialist

Casey Lenfest

Project Manager II

Kevin Leong

Director of Data & Analytics

Violeta Barranco Linares

Project Manager I

Olivia LoGuidice

Project Manager 2

Justin Longworth

Information Systems Operations Manager

Falisha Lucas

Deputy Director

Jhovany Luna

IT & Network Support Project Manager

Roger Ly

GIS Analyst II

Emily Lynch

Social Media Specialist

Owen MacDonnell

Technical Project Manager 2

Ben Mandel

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Arsineh Manoukian

Accounting Manager

Robyn Marquis

Senior Director, Innovative Mobility Initiative

Maureen Marshall

Senior Director, Midwest Region

Patricia Milbery

Project Manager 2

Grace Muasa

Contract Specialist

Rachel Munson

Project Manager, Accounting

Kabir Nadkarni

EV Industry Assessment Specialist

Yvonne Njaga

Project Manager II

Dominic Occhiato

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Virginia Ochoa

Manager, Facilities and Safety

Kasey Okazaki

Lead Project Manager

Niki Okuk

Deputy Director

Rassarin Ong

Accounting Clerk

Brianna Orozco

People Resources Project Manager

Jovan Owens

Lead Events Manager

Olaoluwa Oyewusi

Technical Project Manager II, Bus Infrastructure Support

Lily Paul

Lead Project Manager

Cesar Santiago Pena

Technical Data Management Associate

Alex Pfeifer-Rosenblum

Regulatory Director

Whitley Porter

Marketing and Communications Director

Skyler Potocek

Electric School Bus Incentives Project Manager

Yin Qiu

Lead Data Scientist

Brian Rand

Cal Fleet Advisor Technical Specialist

Kelly Ratchinsky

Technical Project Manager II, Hydrogen Infrastructure

Jacob Richard

Technical Project Manager 2

Alberto Santos-Davidson

Project Manager II, Incentives Clean Fuels & Infrastructure

Cassandra Savel

Project Manager 2

Jared Schnader

Senior Director of Bus

Paige Seles

Utilities Coordinator

Amir Shareak

Graphic Designer

Manali Sheth

Program Manager

Stacey Simms

Senior Director, Clean Fuels & Infrastructure

Justin Slosky

Technical Writer

Katie Smet

Project Manager 2

Jennifer Smith

Media Project Manager

Steve Sokolsky

Regional Deputy Director MidWest

Shuhan Song

Data Scientist

Sarah Stalcup-Jones

Project Manager II, Electric School Buses

Deidre Strohm

Development Director

Jordan Stutt

Senior Director, Northeast Region

Katrina Sutton

Technical Project Manager II, Bus & Innovative Mobility

Elizabeth Szulc

Project Manager 3

Priya Talreja

Associate Project Manager

Ernesto Tanjuan

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Taylor

Director, Member Services

Lauren Thie

Lead Project Manager

Logan Thompson

Sr. Events Coordinator

Valerie Thorsen

Deputy Director, San Joaquin Valley

Tracy Tilley

Project Manager II, Sustainable Fleets

Katelyn Tomaszewski

Project Manager 2

Bernardo Urquidez-Moreno

Benefits Specialist

Emily Varnell

Technical Writer

Liza Walsh

Project Manager 2, Electric School Bus Outreach

Aria Wang

Technical Project Manager 1

Tera Claire Watts

Project Manager II, HVIP Portfolio Planning

Erin Wimberly

Equity and Community Engagement Project Manager II

Jacob Whitson

Deputy Director of CORE

Danna Williams

Video Production Editor

Justin Woodjack

Lead Data Engineer

Jason Zimbler

Director, Light Duty Vehicle

Christina Zordani

Zero Emissions Bus Project Manager