CALSTART is a nonprofit organization working nationally and internationally with businesses and governments to develop clean, efficient transportation solutions. CALSTART is a network that connects companies and government agencies and helps them do their jobs better. From technology firms to transit operators and from vehicle manufacturers to research institutions, we connect every element of the clean energy sector, offering customized services, information and programming.


Drawing on more than 27 years of experience and expertise, CALSTART provides services and consulting to spur advanced transportation technologies, fuels, systems and the companies that make them. Our clients range from companies working on emerging technologies to transit agencies piloting potential clean-energy solutions. See our staff directory to find the expert you need.

CALSTART’s 210+ member firms and agencies include manufacturers, suppliers, fleets, technology firms, academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, power companies, fuel providers, banks and other businesses interested in the future of transportation.

In CALSTART, they find the tools and connections they need to thrive in the growing clean transportation industry. We have particular expertise in providing start-ups and early adopters with leadership, connections and funding to accelerate the deployment of game-changing technologies.

CALSTART provides members with:

  • Connection to a broad, deep and valuable network of clean transportation businesses, innovators, researchers and officials
  • Leading-edge information on technological developments
  • Help finding innovative partners to advance their individual goals
  • Information on new business opportunities and funding sources
  • Public policy work guidance and information

To learn about becoming a member, please see our membership benefits page.


For economic, energy security and environmental reasons, we need to knock down the barriers to fast and fundamental changes in clean transportation technology, fuels and systems.

Transportation has an immense impact on the planet stemming from three main challenges: urban air quality, energy security and climate change.

  • Transportation accounts for 60 percent or more of the emissions responsible for dangerous smog in most urban regions worldwide.
  • Reliance on petroleum – particularly imported oil – creates serious economic and national security threats.
  • Transportation globally accounts for a third of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. If we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must reduce these carbon-based emissions in the next decade.

The new transportation future that CALSTART is creating with its members and partners will help save lives, protect the environment, provide greater economic prosperity, and provide better and more enjoyable mobility.

As the nation’s leading clean transportation organization, CALSTART has the unique expertise and connections to demonstrate that clean air, energy security and job creation go hand in hand. With more than 27 years of leadership and experience building, public-private partnerships CALSTART is bringing the clean transportation technology industry together to accelerate innovation.

From identifying new opportunities, creating strategic partners, securing new funding, and providing educational and informative networking opportunities, hear what our members and clients have to say about partnering with CALSTART.