Cristina Dobbelaere

Data Analyst

Cristina Dobbelaere joined CALSTART in May 2022 as an Associate Data Analyst on the Validation and Assessment team. Currently, she supports data collection, analysis, visualization, and writing for several projects, including the Department of Energy–sponsored MD/HD EVs dataset, InfoShed, the San Diego Clean Mobility in Schools Project, and the Global Drive-to-Zero Program.

Prior to joining CALSTART, Cristina interned at EcoQuants, where she gained experience processing, managing, and visualizing environmental data and creating dashboards for science communication purposes. She played an especially significant role in developing a new user interface for the Marine Energy Toolkit, funded by the DOE, as well as the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network’s Pole-to-Pole Project. Cristina holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara. As an undergraduate student, she worked in UCSB’s Hofmann Lab, where she created a Shiny app to interactively display intertidal temperature data collected by data loggers that simulated the temperatures experienced inside the shells of California mussels in the Santa Barbara Channel.