Ian Cadger

Project Manager 1, EV Infrastructure Incentive Development

Ian Cadger began his role as Project Manager 1 for EV Infrastructure Incentive Development in September 2023. He brings with him a rich history of diverse experience, most notably as an EV Charging Infrastructure Consultant for White Pine County and the city of Ely, NV. In this role, Ian showcased expertise in delivering specialized consultation on EV charging infrastructure setup in rural conditions, emphasizing his deep understanding of the growing EV industry’s trends and technologies. He enhanced charging efficiency, designed tailored solutions, bridged gaps in knowledge through educational sessions, and collaborated with engineers to continuously refine EV charging solutions.

Prior to that, Ian’s project management skills and adaptability were on full display as a Project Coordinator and Rigger for various live events. Leading teams of over 100 contractors, Ian has been instrumental in executing complex timelines to successfully build some of North America’s largest event productions.

Before these professional ventures, Ian was dedicated to the world of music education in Chicago, nurturing and inspiring the next generation of electronic musicians through his work with the Chicago Ableton User Group and Beats By Girlz.

Ian holds degrees in Operations Management and Marketing from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.