Emily Gasca

Electric School Bus Incentives Project Manager

Emily Gasca is a Project Manager I in the Clean Fuels and Infrastructure team at CALSTART, focused on the Communities in Charge Level II Incentive project.

Emily previously coordinated, deployed, and commissioned medium-duty and heavy-duty infrastructure projects for Public Agency and Corporate clients. Emily helped to prepare, execute, and establish each individual infrastructure project before deployment of their EV fleets or buses in the US and Canada. Additionally, she spent time learning telematics, interpreting data in simpler terms to guide clients with the option to use the telematics data to their advantage for route planning, regenerative braking, and energy efficiency. Emily also has background with utilities in Southern California, where she trained and developed many of her skills as an Energy Efficiency Specialist and an Energy Advisor. In these roles she spent a high level of communication with customers, contractors, planners and more regarding energy efficiency savings, residential billing inquiries, solar billing, energy data, and more.