Kevin Leong

Director of Data & Analytics

Kevin is Director of Data & Analytics, and is responsible for leading the data validation and assessment activities.  He has been with CALSTART for three years and currently oversees several medium-and-heavy duty truck and bus demonstrations with the goal of assessing the commercial readiness of advanced transportation technologies. Furthermore, Kevin helps administer CALSTART’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program, a program designed to recognize and reward fleets that are taking significant steps to incorporate sustainable actions into their everyday operations.

Kevin joined CALSTART from the Walt Disney Company where he worked as an Environmental Engineer spearheading conservation programs that were implemented throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts. He led an effort that helped Disneyland Resort conserve 100 million gallons of water a year by increasing water use efficiency in their high-volume restrooms, saving the Resort $300 million annually.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management.