100 + Businesses Support Strong Truck Standards

CALSTART, Ceres, and Electrification Coalition, and others have united influential businesses, fleet operators, utilities, and investors to urge the Biden administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finalize the strongest proposed greenhouse gas emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, as well as robust new pollution standards for light- and medium-duty vehicles.

In letters to the administration and EPA, these industry leaders underscore the need for strong vehicle emissions standards that require vehicle manufacturers to produce increasingly efficient and clean vehicles and drive the electrification of the sector. This, in turn, will ensure the availability of vehicles companies need to cut operating costs, reduce emissions consistent with climate goals, and support healthy communities for their customers and employees.

The signatories also emphasize the need to adopt the strongest proposed standards. These standards are critical to coordinating a nationwide electrified heavy-duty sector and transportation system as a whole. They assert that setting clear market expectations, will allow manufacturers, utilities and the charging sectors to meet anticipated demand, and ensure fleet operators can benefit from federal and state incentives all of which are essential for the industry’s success.

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