The Electric School Bus Transition:

Accelerating Equitable Deployments through
Understanding Grid Impacts and Policy Solutions

School bus fleet electrification represents an unprecedented opportunity for environmental, public health, economic, and grid flexibility gains to address longstanding social equity issues and significantly improve and transform the quality of life for all people. The work here examines the current state of school bus electrification, forecasts the growth in demand for electric buses, and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing equity throughout the deployment process.

The School Bus Electrification Journey Map illustrates the potential of utility partnerships with school bus operators in facilitating this transition and how that role integrates into the ability to invest in the grid adequately and the expedition of electric school bus adoption.

Fact Sheet

The Electric School Bus Transition fact sheet summarizes the impact of school bus electrification on equitable deployments, grid resilience, and school bus policy enablers. It highlights the potential to achieve environmental, public health, economic, and grid-resilience benefits by encouraging more dynamic partnerships between school bus operators and utility companies.

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White Paper

This Electric School Bus Transition white paper is a resource for utility companies, public utility commissions, policymakers, and school bus operators, offering guidance on overcoming barriers to adoption and ensuring an equitable transition for all communities.

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