Hybrid Yard Hostler Demonstration and Commercialization Project

March 2011

Three diesel‐battery‐electric hybrid yard hostlers were developed, demonstrated and compared to conventional diesel yard hostlers. Both in‐use and chassis dynamometer testing was conducted.  The hybrid yard hostlers were able to perform all the tasks required of a yard hostler in real world use, and were well accepted by the drivers. Fuel economy and emissions benefits were evaluated, but a difference in the mechanical specifications of the vehicles limited comparability. Based on all the evaluations and analyses conducted, the hybrid system is estimated to deliver 12 percent to 18 percent improvement in fuel economy. Further development of the hybrid drive system could potentially improve fuel economy and emissions reductions. The business case analysis for large‐scale use of hybrid yard hostlers showed that incentives of approximately $18,000 per vehicle would be needed to ensure payback of the hybrid system.

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