I-710 Project: Zero-Emission Truck Commercialization Study

November 2013

The Zero-Emission Truck Commercialization Study Final Report incorporates findings from the Key Performance Parameters (KPP) Report and the Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities (TCO) Report, along with additional research and analysis. This final report summarizes the work conducted by CALSTART to evaluate potential Class 8 drayage truck technologies, and lays out a plan to achieve commercial production of these trucks. Several assumptions had to be made about the required zero-emission range, and also the potential development of infrastructure to support refueling of the trucks. These assumptions are described as part of a business case analysis that calculated return on investment, and the amounts of incentive funding needed for some potential technology options to achieve a 5-year simple payback. The report does conclude that commercial production of zero-emission Class 8 drayage trucks for the I-710 region is possible, but only if strong actions are taken right away by a number of key stakeholders.

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