I-770 Project: Technologies, Challenges & Opportunities I-710 Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Vehicle Systems

November 2013

The Technologies, Challenges and Opportunities (TCO) Report is an update of research work conducted by CALSTART in late 2011 with funding from South Coast AQMD and LA Metro.  In this updated report, the latest information on zero-emission truck technologies is briefly summarized, with a focus on the potential for developing a zero-emission capable drayage truck for the I-710 goods movement corridor. Input from industry experts is included, along with summaries of the most promising truck architectures.  Some of the challenges that must be addressed to commercialize such ZE trucks are listed, with recommendations for addressing those challenges. This TCO report was one of the foundational documents for the I-710 Program final report, the ZE Truck Commercialization Study.

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