CalSTEP’s California Action Plan for Transportation Energy Security 2.0


The California Secure Transportation Energy Partnership (CalSTEP) is a diverse partnership of industry, automotive, business, academic, policy, and nongovernmental professionals formed in 2005 to resolve transportation energy issues for California. CalSTEP feels that California has both the ability and the need to reduce oil dependence and transportation-related emissions in the near term.

The CalSTEP Partners unveiled the California Action Plan 2.0 for Transportation Energy Security.  The report discusses the compelling reasons for state action on energy security and lays out several specific recommendations for California.

CalSTEP formulates and promotes strategic policy solutions that uphold its beliefs:

  • California’s petroleum dependence is inextricably linked to the state’s economic, climate, environmental, and health goals. Reducing petroleum dependence is a challenge offering far-reaching opportunities.
  • We must address energy security and petroleum dependence now; California is poised to lead the charge. Increasing global carbon emissions and reliance on foreign oil underscore the urgent need to alter course. Given the lack of progress at the national level, California must continue ahead on its own.
  • The policies we outline in this Action Plan will bolster California’s energy security, reducing toxic emissions and growing the state’s transportation technologies industry. This bold approach will strengthen our state’s economy and set an example for others worldwide.
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