Technologies, Challenges and Opportunities: I-710 Zero-Emissions Corridor Vehicle Systems

June 2012

The scope of this report was to examine whether a Class 8 truck could be developed that would meet the zero-emissions requirements of I-710 Project. I-710 is a major north-south interstate freeway connecting the city of Long Beach to central Los Angeles. In addition to proposing separated freight movement lanes (freight corridor), two of the project alternatives being studied in the I-710 EIR/EIS goes a step further by qualifying the freight corridor as a zero tail-pipe emission freight corridor (zero-emission corridor). Via this corridor, trucks would travel from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the Vernon/Commerce rail yards via a separate facility from the general purpose lanes, generating no local emissions. CALSTART was tasked with investigating the potential technologies that could achieve this goal, their feasibility, and the challenges to their commercialization within the project’s horizon year of 2035. Funding for this research was provided by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) and South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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