The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Finalizes New Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles 

The ruling will continue to drive down vehicle pollution and spur the U.S. economy by helping Americans save money at the fuel pump.

PASADENA, CA – Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced new corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards designed to improve fuel economy for new motor vehicles sold in the United States that put our nation on track to be less reliant on fossil fuels and generate economic and health benefits. CALSTART has urged the agency to move forward with this rulemaking and welcomes a newly finalized set of standards for light- and medium-duty vehicles.  

In response to this news, CALSTART’s Federal Policy Director, Levi Kamolnick, issued the following statement:  

“Today’s rulemaking by NHTSA will ensure that motor vehicles are getting more efficient and less polluting. This rule is designed to reduce demand for fossil fuels and conserve energy at a time when transportation is the leading contributor to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.  

What’s more, this rule provides additional regulatory certainty—giving automakers an incentive to invest in R&D and deploy new, proven technology. In turn, this measure will lead to breakthroughs in technology that boost our market competitiveness as a country and spur job growth. 

More efficient vehicles are a triple win for equity, public health, and the climate. We applaud the Biden-Harris Administration for these updated CAFE standards that continue to deliver results for the American people,” said Levi Kamolnick, Federal Policy Director, CALSTART. 

A mission-driven industry organization focused on transportation decarbonization and clean air for all, CALSTART has offices in New York, Michigan, Colorado, California, Florida, and Europe. CALSTART is uniquely positioned to build the national clean transportation industry by working closely with its member companies and building on the lessons learned from the major programs it manages for the State of California. CALSTART has more than 280 member companies and manages more than $500 million in vehicle incentive and technical assistance programs in the United States.