White House Highlights Charge@Work Campaign led by CALSTART, Forth, the Electrification Coalition and EVNoire

As part of President Biden’s vision of having 50% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030, the White House issued a call to action in February to all stakeholders in the private and public sectors, including advocacy and community groups, to dedicate resources and make independent commitments in order to actively support this historic transition to electric vehicles. On March 30, the White House published a statement about the EV Acceleration Challenge to “bring clean transportation future to Americans even faster.”

CALSTART’s Charge@Work Program is honored to be included in the announcement.

CALSTART, Forth, the Electrification Coalition, EVHybridNoire and peer national implementation partners are committing to launch the Charge@Work campaign and Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) certification program in Fall 2023, which will engage over 50,000 employers\workplaces, representing hundreds of thousands of employees, with the end goal of catalyzing over 100,000 electric vehicle workplace charging stations.

“Workplace charging is no longer an amenity for the few, but a necessity for every workplace. Charge@Work will enable electric vehicles to cross the adoption curve chasm in the United States by growing charging solutions for the workers who power the American economy every day.” – Jason Zimbler, Director of CALSTART’s Light Duty Initiative

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