Zeroing in on ZEBs
The advanced technology transit bus index:
A ZEB inventory report for the United States and Canada

Revised February 2, 2023

CALSTART’s annual inventory of zero-emission buses (ZEBs) provides insight on the number of funded, ordered, and/or delivered transit ZEBs within the United States and Canada. This year’s report highlights the effects of recent, historic levels of U.S. funding for zero-emission transit projects, including more than $1.6 billion allocated through the Federal Transit Administration’s Low and No Emission Grants and the Bus and Bus Facilities Grants in 2022. Full-size transit ZEBs have grown to 5,480 buses nationally, an increase of 66% since the 2021 count. While California remained the state with the most ZEBs adopted, numerous other states doubled their count. Fuel cell electric buses saw a 64% increase in adoption since 2021, and adoptions of small ZEB grew by 42% across the country. In Canada, the total number of ZEBs grew to 859, including 219 new full-size buses counted this year.

Zeroing in on ZEBs is based on data gathered primarily through local, state, and federal award documents, press releases, email communication, and phone interviews. The data captured was also validated using sales information from bus manufacturers. As there is no centralized accounting of ZEBs, and transit agency plans for adoption can shift and/or be delayed, figures contained in the report should not be considered static.

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