American Jobs Plan Investments Can Drive A Clean Transportation Future

While the official White House Easter Egg Roll was cancelled again this year due to COVID-19 precautions, clean transportation advocates are busy finding goodies in the $2 trillion American Jobs Plan that the Administration released this week.

The plan is being reported on as “stunning” and “unprecedented” and we would like to add the word “solid.”  The Administration has taken a solid and integrated approach in this plan, incorporating the changes needed in the consumer experience, the manufacturing and retail challenges, the operators and fleet managers needs and the community impacts. It is an approach that recognizes the current and potential job growth from this broader industry. The President has clearly laid out a vision for the United States as a leader in the technology, workforce development and equitable economic opportunity of a zero-emission future. This is a vision we share and are more than ready to take the next steps on.

The plan includes investment in the manufacture, charging and refueling, and purchase of zero-emission or electric vehicles (EVs), as well as funding for research and development and commitments to equity and specifically addressing the needs of underserved and frontline communities to support an equitable transition to a net-zero carbon future.

Here are the top-line highlights for clean transportation:

  • $174 billion to electrify the nation’s transportation system including sales rebates and tax incentives to encourage the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), funding for 500,000 EV chargers by 2030, and federal fleet electrification that includes the U.S. Postal Service.
  • $85 billion for public transit system expansion and modernization
    • Powered by CALSTART, the Clean Transit Innovation Network has been providing guidance and resources to transit agencies who want to create cleaner transit options.
  • $15 billion for demonstration projects for clean technologies including clean hydrogen and energy storage plus extending the 48C tax credit for advanced manufacturing

This is an unprecedented opportunity, but it also comes at time when the return on the investments must support economic recovery, equity, and climate mitigation. CALSTART will be closely watching and engaging with the Administration, Congress and working with our members as these ambitious proposals are turned into actionable legislation and budget authorizations in the coming months.