The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Launches $3 Billion Clean Ports Program to Address Air Quality Concerns at Ports and Freight Hubs

The funds will be used to support zero-emission port equipment and infrastructure and reduce diesel truck pollution.

Washington, D.C. – This week, as part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the launch of the $3 billion Clean Ports Program, a move that would advance zero-emission (ZE) port equipment and infrastructure and improve air quality at U.S. ports. The reduction of diesel truck pollution will also assist in improving public health in surrounding communities, while creating good-paying jobs in the clean energy sector.

The Clean Ports Program is designed to help ports transition to ZE operations and supports the President’s commitment to environmental justice. To achieve the Clean Ports Program’s goals, and those of the Justice40 Initiative, the EPA is releasing two separate Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) as part of the $3 billion funding. The almost $2.8 billion Zero-Emission Technology Deployment Competition will directly fund ZE port equipment and infrastructure at U.S. ports. Eligible use of funding under the Zero-Emission Technology Deployment Competition include: human-operated and -maintained zero-emission cargo-handling equipment, harbor craft and other vessels, electric charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure, and technology investments.

“CALSTART enthusiastically commends the Biden Administration on the launch of the $3 billion Clean Ports Program aimed at significantly mitigating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions at U.S. ports,” said Trisha Dello Iacono, Head of Policy, CALSTART. “This groundbreaking funding opportunity to electrify zero-emission port equipment and infrastructure underscores both the crucial role of ports as vital engines of our nation’s economy and as immense sources of transportation-related emissions.”

Of the $3 billion in funding, the approximately $150 million Climate and Air Quality Planning Competition will fund climate and air-quality planning activities at U.S. ports.

“By investing in zero-emission technology and reducing diesel pollution, the Clean Ports Program provides our ports with the tools they need to serve as models of innovation and sustainability, driving prosperity while safeguarding the health of communities and the environment,” Dello Iacono explained.

CALSTART is committed to supporting the transition to fully zero-emission operations at ports across the country and stands ready to collaborate with the administration, private sector partners, and industry stakeholders to make the most of this funding.

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