CALSTART Welcomes Two Leading-Edge Pioneers to its Board of Directors

PASADENA, Calif. – CALSTART has elected two new members to its board of directors: National Grid Vice President Bart Franey and Rivian Senior Director of Public Policy Chris Nevers. National Grid is committed to delivering safe, reliable and clean energy solutions to the customers and communities it serves. Rivian is an electric-vehicle manufacturer and automotive technology and outdoor recreation company committed to using only sustainable materials in its vehicles.

Bart Franey is vice president of Clean Energy Development at National Grid. National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the nation, serving more than 20 million people across New York and Massachusetts. National Grid has dedicated itself to transforming the country’s electrical and natural gas networks to smarter, cleaner and more resilient energy solutions to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Franey has more than 25 years of experience, with his past roles including head of Transmission Planning, Asset Management and Systems Data at National Grid, as well as 10 years as director of Regulation and Pricing, where he provided testimony in several state and federal rate proceedings, as well as in legislative hearings on energy-related matters. Franey earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the State University of New York at Oswego, and a Master of Science degree in engineering management from Syracuse University.

“Through our joint effort to work to build-out the I-95 zero-emission commercial vehicle infrastructure and market, CALSTART and National Grid have developed a strong working relationship. We look forward to having Bart on our board to provide additional strategic guidance on how we can work with our member companies to achieve the 2030 science-based targets for emission reductions,” said CALSTART President and CEO John Boesel.

Chris Nevers is senior director of Public Policy at Rivian. With their U.S.-built all-electric trucks, SUVs, last-mile delivery vans, charging network, and use of renewable fuels, Rivian pursues ways to integrate individuals and entire industries in new and innovative ways to transition the world to sustainable energy.

Prior to his work at Rivian, Nevers was vice president of Energy and Environment for the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, and had roles at the EPA Office of Transportation and Chrysler. Nevers has developed, tested, calibrated and certified vehicles from both the manufacturer and government arenas, led industry coalition efforts to inform federal regulation, and helped launch Rivian, among other accomplishments. Nevers holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Toledo and a master’s degree in automotive engineering from the University of Michigan.

“While we’ve had vehicle manufacturers on the board in the past, we are particularly excited about having the perspective of an executive from a BEV-only OEM. Chris has had an impressive career in the U.S. passenger car market and I’m looking forward to working with him to expand CALSTART’s impact in that sector,” said Boesel.


A mission-driven industry organization focused on transportation decarbonization and clean air for all, CALSTART has offices in New York, Michigan, Colorado, California, Florida, and Europe. CALSTART is uniquely positioned to build the national clean transportation industry by working closely with its member companies and building on the lessons learned from the major programs it manages for the State of California. CALSTART has more than 280 member companies and manages more than $500 million in vehicle incentive and technical assistance programs in the United States.