CCTU Scania Announcement Full Interview – October 2021

CCTU hosts Bill Van Amburg and Alycia Gilde sit down with Andreas Foller, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Relations at Scania AV CB, for a full interview to discuss big announcements from the Swedish manufacturer on world-class emissions commitments and the production of a new long-haul battery electric truck. Scania is a leader in producing sustainable transportation solutions and breaking down electrification barriers in the transport sector.

0:50 – A short background on Scania’s shift towards sustainable transport and producing zero-emissions trucks.
1:00 – Foller discusses Scania’s future sustainable transport goals.
1:35 – Scania has set size-based carbon reduction targets.
1:44 – Scania’s drive initiative strategy.
2:18 – Foller discusses what applications have been successfully electrified.
2:40 – Foller highlights Scania’s goals for electrification.
3:32 – Scania 2023 production goal.
4:37 – Scania encourages manufacturers to follow their lead.
5:50 – Foller discusses the barriers to electrification.
7:25 – Foller discusses Scania’s support of CALSTART’s Drive to Zero Program.
7:44 – Scania shares transparency with their plans.
8:45 – Scania discusses their leadership in the Global Drive to Zero program.
9:50 – Foller highlights the need for investment in charging infrastructure and the power grid.

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