Danna Williams

Video Production Editor

Danna Williams currently works as CALSTART’s Video Production Editor within the Marketing and Communications creative team. Her duties include splitting/combining video clips, adding appropriate sounds or graphics, reviewing audio and visual footage, and organizing clips into a cohesive unit. Her skills play a large role in supporting high-impact clean transportation projects, including our webcast “CCTU.” Her overall role is to assist with creative projects that support industry engagement, marketing campaigns, communication development, and community outreach.

Prior to joining CALSTART, Danna worked for Texas Tech University’s School of Music as their Marketing Representative where she focused on marketing and outreach, social media, graphic design, and content creation. Her career spans into the areas of video editing, motion graphics, animation, graphic design and storytelling. Danna is the first person in the history of Texas Tech University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, with a concentration in Transmedia.