Not Just Smart: The Importance of Managed Charging

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Transitioning to EVs can lower fueling costs, making zero-emission vehicles a value proposition. How and when fleets use their charging infrastructure can make a difference in those cost savings. This report, written in partnership with AMPLY Power, tracked a significant increase in the number of fleets who plan to buy an electric vehicle (EV), doubling from 21% in May 2021 to 54% in November 2021. However, the survey also found that only 39% of fleets surveyed were aware of managed charging services to help keep electric fueling costs optimally low. The report lists various managed charging options and their definitions. It also includes a focused look at CaaS, managed charging option that is paid in a fixed amount, or subscription, rather than paying for each part of the service (infrastructure, software, electrical upgrades, and electricity) separately.

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