CALSTART Statement on Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 Budget

$6.1 Billion in New Investment Supports California’s Continued Leadership in Zero-Emission Transportation

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jennifer Manfre
[email protected]

(PASADENA) January 10, 2022 — CALSTART commends the $6.1 billion in new investment announced today in California Governor Newsom’s budget. The proposed total of $10 billion in clean transportation funding, to be spread over six years, is a vital addition to California’s leading role in aggressively decreasing emissions from the transportation sector while supporting the growth of the clean transportation industry and jobs. A focus on equity, both in investment and in opportunity, provides a strong model for other regions as they shape their clean transportation policy.

“Governor Newsom’s budget is akin to bringing in the cavalry in the fight to achieve climate goals and the effort to build the clean transportation industry,” said John Boesel, CALSTART president and CEO. “The funding that Governor Newsom proposes supports the state’s strong regulatory approach by providing incentives for not only consumer and commercial fleet purchases, but also the funding needed to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to power this new generation of zero pollution vehicle.”

Currently, there is no federal incentive for market support of the zero-emission trucks and off-road equipment. The use of diesel-powered vehicles has resulted in harmful health impacts for communities near ports, distribution centers, and highways, many of which are in low-income areas. Governor Newsom’s budget calls for major investments that can spur the market for zero-emission trucks and the corresponding charging infrastructure that can bring significant benefits for communities that are impacted the most.

California’s increased investment in 2022 could play a critical role in doubling the pace of zero-emission vehicle freight. With wise use of state surplus funds, California could leapfrog almost every nation and build out the first public fueling network for zero-emission goods movement on the I-5 corridor and other major interstates.

Light-duty zero-emission vehicles will also receive significant investment. The state’s budget will accelerate the deployment of a statewide fast-charging network, promoting practical and convenient long-range electric vehicle travel.

“The best science tells us that we need to halve transportation emissions in California by the decade’s end,” said Boesel. “Governor Newsom’s budget puts California on the path to showing the rest of the nation that significant investment can mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and improve air quality for all communities. This budget will not only help achieve climate goals, it will also create significant new jobs in clean transportation. It’s a win-win-win for people, the planet, and the economy.”


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