E-Commerce Boom Will Speed Zero-Emission Truck Adoption

All signs indicate the e-commerce boom – sparked by the global COVID pandemic – is permanently changing the way we shop. This shift from browsing the aisles to browsing online for everything from groceries to clothing to personal items comes at a serendipitous time.

Battery costs for certain classes of commercial vehicles are declining so rapidly that some applications already, or soon will, boast a better business case when compared to their diesel counterparts. Take, for example, a Class 6 battery-electric truck (BEV) that Amazon has purchased from, Lion Electric to complete its zero-emission deliveries. When compared to a comparable diesel Class 6 delivery truck, this BEV application can hypothetically cost considerably less to own and operate when fuel, maintenance and insurance costs are taken into account over the life of the delivery vehicle–even without purchase incentives or clean fuel credits.